Reading Wes Craven´s interviews to promote the release of Scream 4 in Blu-Ray and DVD, this week, have been interesting boxes of surprises. To each interviewer, he gave a specific trivia or a curiosity about the making of the anthology and the future of the franchise.

Some of those rich details can take us off the ground and imagine how different would the movies be if those ideas were followed…

Williamson´s original plot for Scream 3"The original script that Kevin had involved a high school student, the daughter of the principal, who was actually leading a band of kids that were killing students. And we got the first draft and just moments after that we got the news of Columbine and just dropped it like a hot potato."

The death of the main 3 in Scream 4 – "Maybe we needed to be more brutal and kill off the central characters", Craven said, when asked about the not-so-successful-as-expected box office. But the possibility isn´t discarded for Scream 5 – "I suspect the next time out, one or more of those characters is going to have to die…".

Remaking Scream in Scream 4"The idea of following the template of the first film – or, if you will, within the realities of the films themselves, to repeat the historic events that had happened – was part of the script. There's one scene in the Blu-ray outtakes, where Dewey goes to the first crime scene, and one girl's is hanging from the ceiling and one girl is slouched in a chair, which refers to Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend at the end of act one of SCREAM 1, so there was that idea. But we didn't want to have to feel like we were remaking the original film, so we had to back away from that a little bit, just so it didn't feel like we were doing that, so the film could have its own scenes and not just be a revamped version of the original."

Funny how to know about that possibilities create another world, right? Read this Scream and Scream 2 trivias to discover more.

Sources: IGN, Joblo and Bloody-Disgusting.


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