The consistent queen of SCREAM 5

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We can’t say that our queen, Neve Campbell, isn’t consistent in her interviews. In her latest words to the British magazine Total Film we had her talking about the compelling letter, summer camp and if The Changeling was brought up, we would had gone BINGO!

Jokes aside, this time she spoke about how she prepared physically to play Sidney. Always lovely to have Neve content!

How excited are you to get back to the SCREAM franchise?
It’s such a rarity for that kind of thing to happen. They’re such fun movies, I was so lucky to be a part of them. For us it’s like going back to summer camp when we see each other. I was apprehensive about doing it because Wes had passed. But these directors wrote me [a] beautiful letter expressing their passion about SCREAM and saying that the reason they are directors is because of Wes and because of these movies, and they really wanted to honor him and his legacy. And that really meant a great deal for me.

How did you prepare to play Sidney for the fifth time?
Walking around the house screaming a lot. My kids were like “Mom, are you okay?” [laughs] No just training, making sure I’m in shape especially because I had spine surgery. I wanted to make sure I was fighting strong for the film. So it was really working out, going through the script, speaking to the directors, making sure that everything’s what needed to be.

Do you remember what it was about SCREAM that people started to love?
I think the script was brilliant. And it was a new take on the genre, it took a look at itself. Kevin Williamson did a brilliant job. Wes was a master at making these films, and was brave with his casting. None of us were really anybody , other than Drew Barrymore and Courteney, who has just done the first year of Friends. I mean, Matt and Jamie and David, their energy that they bring to the first film is brilliant, a lot of fun, a lot of improv as well. And it’s all timing as well, isn’t it? Maybe people needed that kind of movie that weekend, and it just popped!

Yesterday, Neve was announced to be starring Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer.

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