What’s your favorite scary movie?

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Even while they were filming SCREAM, the question/quote “What’s your favorite scary movie?” resonated and became part of the DVD extras. Cast and crew answered their favorites circa 1996 – because, except for Neve Campbell, who is stuck with The Changeling since forever, the answer might change over the years.

Wes Craven
Repulsion, The Tenant, Hitchcock movies and several others.

Neve Campbell
The Changeling and The Shinning.

Courteney Cox
Rosemary’s Baby.

David Arquette
The Shinning.

Rose McGowan

W. Earl Brown

Jamie Kennedy
Salem’s Lot.

Kevin Williamson

Marianne Maddalena
The Birds and The Exorcist.

Cathy Konrad
Friday the 13th.

Gary Saldutti
13 Ghosts.

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