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Scream has lots of nostalgia in it – to take a look and remember some classics is part of what make it so delicious to watch. But for some fans, a special edition DVD isn´t enough. They want more… Just in time for the big Scream 4 props auction, we’ve invited our friend ‘William’ from to talk about his collection…

How Scream became part of your life? What did you saw in the movie that woke up your interest?
I remember not knowing much about the Scream before I saw it. I had only seen the trailer and that was about it. But a friend of mine suggested we watch it. She had already seen it and said it was great. So I rented it at my local video store, which was on the way to my friend’s house, so I planned on returning it on my way home later that night after having watched it. However, I was so blown away by Scream that I didn’t return the movie for three days. I watched it probably six times in three days. After that, I rented it again and made a VHS-to-VHS copy of it (DVD’s hadn’t come out yet), and I wore that tape out until they released it on video to own.

Where and how you started your collection?
The following summer, they released Scream the Director’s Cut on VHS, and I rented it immediately and just I had to have it. They hadn’t released it to where you could buy it yet, but I was very good friends with my local video store owner and he sold me one of his copies. And then one day my phone rang, it was my best friend who told me that a downtown video store had a limited edition Scream Director’s Cut box set for sale. There were only 1500 copies made of the box set. It included the Director’s Cut on VHS, a Ghostface mask and a certificate signed by the CEO of the distribution company along with its production number. I immediately went down there and bought it. The guy opened the box for me in the store and when I saw the Ghostface mask staring back at me, I just knew that there was something special about this movie and how I felt about it. After that, I started collecting everything from magazine clippings to screen used items.

What is item you like the most in your Scream collection and which one you consider the most valuable?
Matthew Lillard’s screen worn outfit from Scream’s third act. It’s got the bloody pants, the sweater with all the knife cuts in it and even a candy or lozenge wrapper in the back pocket! It is my most cherished piece and definitely the most valuable.

Where do you keep and how you maintain your collection? Do you display it publicly?
I unfortunately don’t have enough room to display everything the way I want to. That and my cats would have a great time climbing up my screen worn wardrobe! But lately I have been trying to figure out how to make the master bedroom into a Scream memorabilia room. Fortunately, I have a very understanding wife haha!

Is Scream the only movie you collect things from or do you have another movie/series/media that interest you?
Scream is the only movie I’ve ever felt this way about. The atmosphere, the cast, the story, the direction, the locations…it is simply put the only movie I have ever seen that I consider to be perfect. And I equally love Scream 2, with Scream 3 being a bit inferior to the first two.

May you give some hints for those that are starting their own collection now?
No item is too insignificant! I started out small. I lived in a small European country, but thanks to the internet it eventually became possible for me to get in touch with people all over the world and expand the parameters in my search for Scream memorabilia. It took me thirteen years to get my collection to where it is at now. And I still love collecting. Every Halloween I love to go and see what Scream related items are out for sale. It doesn’t have to be The Holy Grail every time you buy something. A cheap $2 plastic knife with a tag that says Scream on it still gets me excited and makes me feel the same way I did thirteen years ago when I walked into that video store and saw Ghostface staring back at me!
Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my collection.
Keep on Screaming!

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