These days it’s all about the trial…

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Oh, boy! If you thought that the ˜Kevin Williamson versus Weinstein Co.” drama was over… Think again. The Hollywood Reporter have the details…

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, TWC claims it hired Williamson to write and produce Scream 4 in 2009 but a dispute broke out over whether Williamson breached his duties. TWC settled the fracas in 2010, essentially buying Williamson out of his Scream 4 deal, according to the suit. As part of that agreement, TWC claims Williamson agreed to relinquish control over several other projects, including one called Shadows.

But Williamson is now claiming he still owns the Shadows property, according to the suit.

What does that supposed to mean?

Update (4:53 am) – posted the lawsuit, that you can read here.

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