I LOVE Wes Craven. I think that be in a set of his, must be quite incredible for any crew and young actor in ascension. Every fan that had watched any extra from the DVDs (and we devour that kind of material) can assume that. They seem so carefree but at the same time professional and focused during the shoots…

Maybe Scream 4 has the same nostalgia of  Halloween H2O to the fans of  Michael Myers and Laurie Stroode – but with the original director, writer and creepy city (Woodsboro). Would be heretic to say, even hotter, then?

Everyone's a critic... even Ghostface.

Everyone's a critic… even Ghostface.

No offense to our beloved brothers from The Shape Community, but… Those photos that Wes Craven is posting recently, give a sensation of really being part of it. Don´t they?

Craven is also responding to us, fans. Had you noticed? How many cool directors communicate nowadays? Collaboration and connection between actors, crew and fans are the most intelligent and unprecedented marketing.  April 15th we´re going to see if it is successful.

In the mean time, what is your caption to this photo?

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