Wear the vest, save the chest


Incredible absent from the press junkets of SCREAM 4 during the release on theaters, actress Marley Shelton – who is a veteran in scary movies with credits in VALENTINE and PLANET TERROR – finally was on the spot for the release of the movie in home video.

Shelton talked with MovieWeb and gave a fun interview, that deserves a good reading, here are some excerpts:

I couldn’t help but overhear your earlier conversation. Is Deputy Judy Hicks gunning for Dewey’s job?

Marley Shelton: Oh, gosh, no! I haven’t read that draft yet. I was just being playful. But I will say, you never know where Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson are heading with these plots.

She could be sneaking something into those lemon bars that is slowly disintegrating Dewey’s motor skills…

Marley Shelton: Yeah, exactly. You just don’t know. Judy is such a mysterious woman. Who knows what her true intentions are?

You do such a great job of looking suspicious in nearly every single scene…

Marley Shelton: (Laughs) Thanks! I think… She did have some red herring aspects to her. Which is such a fun part of the Scream franchise. Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson always pepper in characters that have those on-the-nose red herring moments.

There is a split second there, too, at the end, after you get shot, and you come back up… It feels like you are going to be revealed as an accomplice to the murders. That you’ve been working with Ghost Face all along.

Marley Shelton: That is so funny. That would be hilarious. We were joking when we shot that sequence. I told Wes, “If Judy doesn’t test well, you can always kill her. She can just not pop back up.” They tested the movie, and they decided to keep me alive. It was an option to kill me. I guess people responded to Judy, so they kept the version where I lived.

People did respond to her, and in talking with Wes Craven about the Blu-ray, it seems that Judy will actually have ties into how this new trilogy, with 4, 5, and 6, continues to move ahead forward in the future. That she is a central player in the overall story arch…

Marley Shelton: Yes. There has been casual conversation about that. But nothing in writing…

Even with that, if we go back and watch Scream 4 carefully, we will see a lot of clues peppered throughout the movie, in terms of your character and what she is doing, that will lead us into Scream 5

Marley Shelton: All I can say is this… The fact that I didn’t die bodes well for future Judy. About 80% of the SCREAM cast ends up losing it. The fact that I survived this one, alone? That bodes well for me. Let’s see what happens.

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