@KevWilliamson – There are anywhere from 30 to 300 serial killers active in the US on any given day. Just sayin

Since Debbie Salt, aka Mrs. Loomis in Scream 2, this estimative has raised quite a lot, right?  According to her, there were "only 97 acting serial killers in the country" by that time.

This small collection of data may seem random – and frightening – to most, but for those who are tuned, it means much more. It seems that Williamson started the research – the first part of the writing creative process –  to his next TV show, that is… Well… About a serial killer
The plot revolves around a diabolical murderer who uses technology to create chaos by organizing a serial killer cult. With the supposed original Scream 4 script just leaked online (yeah, Jill survives in here) and the search for a new screenwriter to Scream 5, we´re forced to theorize again: would THIS originally be the beginning of the new Scream trilogy?
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