The mind of an artist can be a very dark attic. They go imagining things and keeping it there. Making a huge quilt of ideas. Till, one day, when everything is tied up, they bring it all down and show us.

In a recent interview to Entertainment Tonight, Kevin Williamson revealed major details about his original ideas to Scream 3, that will never see the light of the day in its primary form – it will be called The Following.

Back when I was researching Danny Rolling [The Gainesville Ripper], I wanted to write about a serial killer on a college campus, and an FBI agent hunting down a college professor. But then I decided to do Scream.

Interestingly enough, Scream 2 was on a college campus, so it all connected.
In my original story for Scream 3 [Ehren Kruger was brought in to write the threequel after Williamson exited], the killers were basically a fanclub of Woodsboro kids that had formed because of Stab 1 and Stab 2. They were all doing the killings and the big surprise of the movie was when Sidney walked into the house after Ghostface had killed everyone… and they all rose up. None of them were actually dead and they’d planned the whole thing.
The motive was their quest for fame, so I just placed that into one character with Scream 4.They were trying to top [Sidney’s] Woodsboro story so they could be the legacy of their hometown. All those ideas metamorphosed into The Following.

As a fan, I can’t help to dream how this would look as if Williamson had written it for the final chapter of the first trilogy, or as Scream 5

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