We were all curious about the big mystery that R.J. Torbert was keeping from us. Cryptic messages like "Ghost Face® lives" made a lot of fans to chill. Now, the suspense is over… To even more suspense! 

Mr. Torbert has just released a new book, called The Face of Fear.

We all know that the Icon of Halloween® has surpassed, for a long time, the borders of a character in a movie. It is a legend – and legends live up to all kinds of stories, media and art, as you can see on our collection of Ghost Face® inspiration on Facebook.

In this amazing interview, to our friend John Valeri, R.J. Torbert explained more about the book:

This is the story of a kidnapping that occurs on the Ferry in the Village of Port Jefferson. The two lead characters, Powers and Johnson, are detectives who soon find out, it is not so cut and dry. Their job becomes complicated when Ghost Face® becomes involved and how these two detectives, who are very different want to handle the case. It becomes even more complicated when the case involves their personal lives. Twitter has a role in the story which is why I continued to send out messages. There is a meaning to them.

When asked about it's connection to the Scream movies, R.J. replied:

Scream is Scream. That’s their story and no one has more respect and appreciation to Wes Craven and his people more than I do. This is A Powers and Johnson Novel: The Face of Fear.

Are you excited about Ghost Face®'s new appearance?

Get all the details and pre-order the book on http://powersandjohnson.com/

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