Courteney Cox celebrated the renewal of Shining Vale for a second season and dished a little bit on SCREAM 6 while talking with Matt Cohen from Entertainment Tonight. She praised the script from James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick that starts to be filmed in a few weeks, in Montreal.

When asked about being reunited with Neve Campbell and the whole gang, she answered:

I don’t know about contracts and where things are, but I’ll tell you in the script — it’s a really good one. You actually have to be killed if you talk about it, so I’m not gonna say anything.

The article and the quote, when isolated, made some speculate about her stepping back of Gale Weathers’ stiletto shoes in this one – which could be a failed misinterpretation or a sensationalist one. 

The fact is, if you pay close attention, Cox is talking about not knowing the whereabouts of Neve and her co-stars signing on to this chapter. Courteney is 100% on board – she just doesn’t know about how the negotiations with the other actors are going.

Last Monday (9), during the premiere of Lincoln Lawyer (which is now on Netflix), when inquired about reprising the role of Sidney Prescott, Campbell told “I don’t know if I am, can’t get into it.

Time for despair? Riots? Strikes? No, we chill. 

While they negotiate contracts, we wait for more fabulous announcements and remember what director Tyler Gillett told Radio Times, back in April:

So whether they are there or not, they’re there, right? You can’t have a SCREAM movie without their influence, without this sense of what that legacy is. I will stop there before it gets too dangerous.

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