Gale Weathers is back!

Since she ended her participation in Scream 4, Courteney  has been very busy with her television series Cougar TownLong ago we had no declarations of Cox about Scream 4. Yesterday, Sugarpop had the opportunity to interview the actress. She was asked about Scream 4.

How was it stepping back into the Scream franchise?

CC: That character is really over the top, and I just Realized That Was 10 years ago, all of the actors on the set, the new group, they're very subdued, kind of quiet. And I stick out like a sore thumb, I Was like "Gail Weathers is back!" Like, Are They Any louder going to talk at all? THEY ARE very cool, and I'm Older, and Not as cool. But I stepped into my character, we'll see What Happens. Dewey Dewey WAS! But Then, you know, people Have Changed. People are cooler than me.

Is it true That There Will Be more Scream films after this one?
CC: There is going to Be a Scream 4, 5, and 6. [But] I do not know anything.

Scream 4 promotion will start soon and surely Courteney will facilitate further details.

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