“I’m going to blame… The 90s”

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Before the True Crime Docs and Podcasts cultural phenomenon, we used to have the nightly news segments. Some used to drip blood, were completely desensitizing and had almost no boundaries with human feelings while dealing with those involved in a particular story. Not condoning violence here, but Sidney’s reaction to tabloid journalist Gale Weathers after the infamous “I’ll send you a copy” line wouldn’t be damning in some cases… At all.

Kevin Williamson‘s perception of the 90s exploitative media is quite infused on the two first instalments of SCREAM, which discussed – very smartly – the accountability of the northern American culture machine on the creation and perpetuation of violence on society.

Whose fault would that be?

In a very comprehensive article for Smithsonian Magazine, the journalist Michelle Delgado, makes us ponder that and other questions while reassembling the era, the timeline and the facts that gave birth to our favorite movie in 1996.

Ah, and HelloSidney.com is proudly part of this story. How?

You’ll have to read it.

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