Jack Quaid’s SCREAM 5 surviving rule


Sadly, Jack Quaid didn’t take home that golden bucket of popcorn for “Best Hero” category at last night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards. Our beloved Hughie, from The Boys, was competing against other great characters and Anthony Mackie‘s Falcon (Falcon and the Winter Soldier) ended up snatching the prize.

But that didn’t mean the fandom got back empty handed: Jack did a Q&A before the show and dished about our favorite show and franchise. The first question was already a SCREAM related one:

Who out of The Boys would survive for the longest in 5cream*?

*To those that are arriving right now, this is the way Quaid and some of the crew refer to the fifth entry of this slasher saga.

Let’s see… This is really a good question. I’d say, probably… maybe Hughie? And this is the reason why: I feel like Hughie would probably watch a lot of movies, maybe some horror movies and he might know the tropes of a horror movie pretty well? But in terms of just, I don’t know, brute strength, and physically overcoming Ghost Face, I would probably say either Butcher or ‘Mother’s Milk’. Like, if I had to choose, cuz they just, I don’t know, they would just muscle their way out of it.

Knowledge has always been power, right? And we are hoping that Hughie and Richie Kirsch (his character in SCREAM 5) have a lot in common.

Jack Quaid will face Ghost Face when the movie hits theaters on January 14th, 2022.

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