Jenna Ortega’s SCREAM 5 experience


Jenna Ortega is taking over the world.

Last week it was announced that the 18 years old actress would be the lead of the hyped Tim Burton take on the Addams Family, on the upcoming Netflix‘s series, Wednesday.  It is the second cult franchise that the prolific, intelligent and young entrepreneur is now stepping into: last year she embodied Tara Carpenter in the fifth SCREAM film.

The movie will be – close sources say – the ultimate subversion of the slasher genre. And, while we wait on the SCREAM 5 countdown, this website tries to track all the safe and fun info on this revival.

It happens that, sometimes, some tidbits could escape our radar (come on, Google alerts). But, like promised, we will get you covered and will retrieve it for you. Take, for example, this Jenna Ortega interview for Cosmopolitan back in April: it is oral history on the behind the scenes of the movie that adds up some cool trivia.

“Last fall, she was working on the SCREAM revival in Wilmington, Delaware, and her fellow cast and crew set up a surprise birthday party for her in a hotel conference room. ‘I wasn’t really expecting anybody to go out of their way and do that for me. But they did, and that was really nice,‘ she says now, while sitting in front of her generic hotel bed (which is made, of course).”

SCREAM 5 - Jenna Ortega 18th Birthday Party
SCREAM 5 - Jenna Ortega 18 Birthday Cake

You’re also in the SCREAM revival, which people are so excited about. How’d that part come your way?
I auditioned for the project in the very beginning of quarantine. And I didn’t really expect anything out of it, because I don’t know if you noticed, but they tend to cast 30-year-olds to play teenagers. I remember my mom asked me about it, and I told her, “Yeah, there’s just no way they’re gonna cast a 17-year-old girl.” Five months later, I got a callback to meet with the directors.

Such a legendary cast: Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, David Arquette. Was that a totally surreal experience?
David taught us how to do Bob Ross paintings because he’s, like, a certified instructor, apparently. Courteney invited us all to a dinner. Neve invited us to breakfast at this beach house she was at, and she loved to give us the keys or leave the doors open so we could go take the surfboards out. I don’t think I was expecting that kind of hospitality, especially considering they are the SCREAM franchise. You never know what to expect when you’re meeting people of that standard, but they truly were just the most down-to-earth, sweetest people.

Okay, I know details about that movie are very much under wraps. Can you tell me anything about your character?
I kid you not, two seconds ago, I was like, Did I say too much? Like, I’m not even kidding. So when it comes to this part, I’m keeping my mouth shut because I’ve been feeling pretty dangerous right now.

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