Courteney Cox talks the nature of SCREAM 5

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Courteney Cox has just added more doubt over the nature of the new chapter on the SCREAM franchise. While promoting the new season her show, 9 Months with Courteney Cox, on The Drew Barrymore Show, she dropped:

The directors are incredible. […] It’s a new franchise. It’s hip, it’s scary… It’s just a new SCREAM. It’s not a reboot, it’s not a remake, it’s just a brand new launch.

But, before jumping into conclusions and twisted theories, for more mysterious this declaration sounds, we must understand that the lecture everyone makes of a movie, a book, or a painting is very subjective.

For that, let me play the devil’s advocate and offer you a quote from one of the directors, Tyler Gillett:

I think for us we had this fear, and Matt [Bettinelli-Olpin] alluded to this earlier, going into reading the script. There’s just so much weight in what those four movies are. This by the way speaks to the legacy characters. The fact that there are so many characters that so many people want to know more about, want to have more story told with these characters. There’s just a level of love and respect for the world that Wes [Craven] and Kevin [Williamson] created. So for us it felt like the only way to do this right was to create connectivity. And a lot of it is also just what the Scream movies are, right? They’re about lineage. They’re about the evolution of pop culture and the evolution of the genre. And you can’t have something new without also giving a nod to what came before it. And paying respect, and giving a bow to what followed.

And so for us it felt like that was the only right way to do it. To have a connection to the past, and to find a way to create new and interesting characters that would bring a new audience and an old audience together. And hopefully move the whole thing forward in a contemporary and terrifying and fun way.

I guess we could say it is a sequel of a new franchise.

Watch the entire interview here.

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