The fictional Meeks family has a tradition of giving birth to characters destined to be fan favorites. Mirroring the fans, the SCREAM franchise made this generation Meeks-apple not fall far from the Meeks-tree. Jasmin Savoy Brown‘s Mindy is as fun as her late uncle, Jamie Kennedy‘s Randy, with an upgrade: she actually gets the girl.

Brown and Kennedy haven’t discussed their legacy in person. But, maybe, one day it could happen:

“I messaged him after the movie came out and was like, ‘Did you like it?’ And he gave his blessing and said he was proud. That made me feel really good. But we haven’t yet connected in person, although I hope that happens eventually.

Jasmin also loved the presence of Heather Matarazzo, making a cameo as Martha Meeks:

Didn’t that just fill you with such glee? She’s delightful. We are eventually someday going to have dinner together so I can meet her wife, but I keep leaving town.

Sadly, Matarazzo won’t be coming back to the next installment – she has just confirmed it on Twitter.

And how will we encounter Mindy the next time, in SCREAM 6?

Mindy is Mindy as ever and she’s still a little homo like me, and so certainly I’ll be getting up to Pride activities in Montreal, which is very exciting. This Pride I’m really just grateful that I’m out and healthy and happy and that I get to exist visibly as a queer person.

Source: People Magazine.

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