SCREAM 4 turns 11

SCREAM 4 was a movie far ahead of its time. An essay to a requel at the point of trying to hide the 4 into SCRE4M. It was 2011, during the early stages of Twitter, and we were living the era of reboots in Hollywood. Very few succeeded, and the fourth chapter of Sidney Prescott’s history wasn’t one that did it right away.

Some say it was the lack of marketing that caused the last film by Wes Craven to underperform at the box office, some say it was the long hiatus of a decade between movies. But, those who followed very closely that release know that there was something else in the mix – the reasoning.

It didn’t speak to the audience, so the audience never spoke about it.

The privileged niece of Julia Roberts going on a killing spree to ultimately steal Neve Campbell’s unwanted victim notoriety seemed extra and unrelatable. Especially to those who paid for theater tickets and were raised by boomers. What Kevin Williamson refers to as his “Kardashian reveal”, didn’t cut it.

At that time.

As the years passed, the social media era kicked in for good and reality became stranger than fiction by each day. It was a matter of time that a new audience discovered SCREAM 4 and gave it the justice it deserved.

After eleven years, we are living in Jill’s America.

Thanks to Matheus Guimarães for this amazing art!

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