SCREAM 5 has the most diverse cast since SCREAM 2. The 1997 sequel even called it out the whole genre for the lack of representation and even exclusion.

The new movie defies its predecessors by adding varied ethnicities and sexualities.

Serving the police force along with Reggie Contest (Deputy Farney), and representing the asian ancestry, is Chester Tam (Deputy Vinson). This is an information that came from a very reliable source, that even gave me some of the real characters names.

The early casting calls indicated that Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) used to date Amber Freeman (Mikey Madison) for “a year”. But one of them seems to have moved on to someone new, a girl named Frances.

This casting call, placed a few days ago, read:

Females, Ages 18-26, Any ethnicity. MUST be a female in the LBGTQIA community. MUST be comfortable kissing a cast member of the same sex, if asked.”

That wouldn’t be a problem to actress and producer Ally Beardsley – a friend of Jasmin Savoy Brown -, who was hanging out with the cast last week.

If she snatched the role, is yet to be confirmed, so interpret that as a rumor.

And so, the scary movie world resembles a lot more with reality.

What do you think about this positive enrichment on representation SCREAM got?

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