Social media is a dangerous place for fans who are enjoying to follow the production of SCREAM 5.

Now is proven that accidents could easily happen in stories from your favorite star.

At this point, I must advert you to be careful when you are navigating through the #scream5 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. And also to pay attention if the SCREAM sites and accounts you are following are providing the necessary SPOILER ALERT before their posts.

So many do not filter or warn you when it’s about to hit you. has a spoiler policy to guarantee the best experience you can have with the movie.

– So, after this line, possible SPOILERS ahead.  If you don’t wanna know, go here, read this Jenna Ortega interview  or watch the video bellow before you go –

Does lightning strikes twice at the same spot?

That’s a question too many SCREAM fans are asking themselves after ANOTHER supposed print from the instagram of the production designer of SCREAM 5, Chad Keith,  apparently leaked online.

The image posted months ago, not only reveal that the alumni cast has signed to the movie a long time ago, but it was the first time Skeet Ulrich was tagged on a social media post by someone working in the fifth chapter. The second was in a Marley Shelton – now edited – post.

If it’s a reconstructed flashback like in TERMINATOR: DARK FAITH, a doppelgänger, a lost sibling or if Marley Shelton and Chad Keith are very bad at tagging, we can only to speculate now. Tell me your theories on the comments box.

Captures: WWAY3

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