SCREAM 5 has an official title and logo

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Following 2018’s HALLOWEEN footsteps SCREAM 5 is by now – officially – just SCREAM.

Production designer Chad Keith shared this afternoon the revealing logo printed in a director’s chair. The art has a similar design from the logo they are using on the working title, PARKSIDE (See photo above).

But, coming back for the single use of the title, it is an interesting marketing decision.

The “first” SCREAM has intense references and connections to HALLOWEEN, but unlike Michael Myers‘ story, Ghost Face‘s franchise doesn’t have a messy timeline in need for rectification, or does it?

Back in 2018, they realized it was the third time they were doing HALLOWEEN II and  that was the reason it was simply called HALLOWEEN.

What’s the reason they decided to go single with SCREAM 5? Tell me in the comments!

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