SCREAM 5: the “new normal” hits the film industry

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Wilmington, CA – COVID-19 is a challenge that is forcing the film industry to reinvent itself.

The production of SCREAM 5 is being vanguard on a business that is slowly resuming activities and learning a new routine. It now includes strict regulations on health and safety and a daily testing with cast and crew. It will endure until a vaccine comes along.

Yesterday, the internet witnessed through Twitter and Instagram – by the lenses of curious bystanders – some external shooting from a house on Country Club Dr., very foggy and very mysterious.

At the end of it’s first week of shooting “The three SCREAM crew members who tested positive for COVID-19 will immediately be quarantined and undergo more testing“, reports Deadline. Contact tracing is also being practiced.

The production won’t shut down and will be back on track Monday, filming in Williston Middle School, Cardinal Lanes. wishes a speedy and comfortable recovery for those brave professionals.

Photos: StarNews Online and Instagram.

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