Today, the SCREAM hashtag got a new companion on Twitter. For a while, we’ll have a little Ghost Face by its side every time we tweet #scream, #screammovie or #ghostface. This novelty – also applied to the name of the movie in a lot of other countries – was enough to make it trend in different regions all over the world.

* Apparently you have to be logged on Twitter for it to appear! 

The announcement was made by the official account, @ScreamMovies, with seven drops of blood – which made some fans immediately start to speculate…

Is it a cryptic message? Does it mean that the long awaited SCREAM 5 trailer is coming? In seven hours? In seven days, October 12th, just after the re-release of the original SCREAM in theaters? Or maybe it was just random bloody spills?

Well soon find out!

SCREAM (2022) hits theaters all over the world on January 14th, 2022.

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