You are not a real die hard fan of SCREAM if you don’t know Neve Campbell‘s favorite scary movie after all these years. But, it’s also unclear if it is “favorite” or “the one she hates the most because she’s very afraid of it”.

Can you tell?

While you reflect about it, Total Film also brought an updated list of the favorite scary movies of the cast and crew of the new SCREAM film and I must say: I love David Arquette‘s picks!

Kevin Williamson:Halloween and Jaws are my two favourite movies. Dawson’s Creek was my love letter to Steven Spielberg, and SCREAM was my love letter to Halloween and John Carpenter.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin:A movie I would love to shine a light on that I feel never gets enough credit is Joyride, the 2001 [film starring] Steve Zahn, Paul Walker, Leelee Sobieski. That is a movie that I saw shortly after 9/11. It was the first time since SCREAM that I had had that kind of experience, where I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so tense, but I’m loving every second of it!’

Tyler Gillett: “I think the low-hanging fruit of that answer is obviously SCREAM. But I think that my first toe-dip into the genre was also through Wes Craven and The People Under The Stairs. It’s hard for me to rewatch that movie, because I have this weird nostalgia connection to the amount of terror I felt watching it for the first time.”

Melissa Barrera:I have a soft spot for The Haunting, the Catherine Zeta-Jones/Liam Neeson one. That was my obsession when I was 10 years old. I still remember so many scenes from that movie so vividly, because I wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks. But I was kind of a masochist in that sense. I just loved watching it.

Jack Quaid:Alien’s up there, for sure. The original Halloween is pretty great. I don’t know if I could pick just one favourite. But actually SCREAM might be one of my favourite scary movies ever, just because of its rewatchability. I might have to go with SCREAM.”

David Arquette:Midsommar is a really creepy, creepy, scary, beautifully directed film. There’s a film, High Tension [Haute Tension], that is really not as focused on, which is really frightening. I’ve always loved The Shining. Jack Nicholson’s performance, specifically, has inspired me ever since I saw it.

Courteney Cox:I really do love horror films. I love psychological thrillers. You can’t go wrong with the original Halloween. I love all of those. I love Carrie. I love Dressed To Kill. I love Rosemary’s Baby. I love Friday The 13th. I love Nightmare On Elm Street. I love the first It. I guess it’s hard to say, because I love to be scared.

Neve Campbell: There’s a movie called The Changeling with George C. Scott that came out in the early ’80s. Not a lot of people know about it but true horror buffs do, and it’s absolutely terrifying. It’s the very first horror movie I ever saw, and the reason I didn’t see many after that! There’s a lot of silence, and then when it’s not silence, the sound is just petrifying. I think it’s the idea of the supernatural that scared me as well.

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