Would Kristen Stewart give SCREAM 6 a shot?

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Some might not remember but Kristen Stewart, Oscar Nominee this year for the sensational and stunning SPENCER film, is a full-on scream queen. Some of her credits include PANIC ROOM, COLD CREEK MANOR, THE MESSENGERS, PERSONAL SHOPPER, and more recently, UNDERWATER. But she could have been in another one: SCREAM 4.

In an interview for SLANT MAGAZINE, she told more about the part and if she would give SCREAM 6 a shot. 

So they’re already making SCREAM 6. Who did they contact you about playing in the last sequel?

So it’s the Drew [Barrymore] character that gets killed in the beginning. And they created a whole sequence where a lot of people got killed to emulate the Drew thing. But it was just going to be one person, and I was like, “I can’t do a Drew. I can’t touch that.” Do you know what I mean? But, yeah, so then they ended up doing, if I’m remembering correctly, a larger sequence and not just one victim.

So you kicked it with Neve Campbell recently. The SCREAM franchise is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. If you were given a second chance at moving to Woodsboro, would you take it?

Maybe. I would read the script. I love Neve Campbell so much. She was very nice to me, and it was very satisfying that she’s a very nice person. I love that movie. I’ve watched it recently, as an adult though. It’s so gnarly. I love the movie because it loves movies. The coolest part of SCREAM is what it says about film. It’s so self-aware. It folds in on itself like six times. I love how much [Wes Craven] loves movies and how embedded that is. It’s a total film nerd type of movie. It’s not just a flasher flick. It’s a beautiful movie. It’s so hard to watch. I’m like, “I don’t have the stomach for that shit anymore.” I was like, “Oh, man, this is very, very, very intense.”

Would you like to see KStew in the SCREAM franchise? 

SCREAM 6 starts filming this summer and the script is currently being written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick

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