The fifth installment of SCREAM, which just dropped on VOD, is already legendary for a gargantuan amount of easter eggs. You may take several watches to get all of those. But if I say that there’s even more than our eyes never met?

For instance, we’ve all heard about the Youtube thumb that made canon for Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) to be alive. In a recent AMA, Radio Silence revealed that it could have been a different setting:

We had wanted to include her in some way from very early in the process and spoke with Hayden but we didn’t want to shoehorn Kirby into the movie so we kept looking for a place to put her in. In a deleted scene at the sheriff’s scene, there was a Kirby missing poster behind Jasmin and Mikey. The YouTube easter egg materialized as soon as we began designing the YouTube page (which is 100% easter eggs).

The puzzling decision to satisfy Hayden’s fanbase and apparently Wes Craven‘s wish presented to be a challenge since, in the final scene of SCREAM 4, the reporters only mention Jill as the new generation survivor. So, a missing sign could add the mystery for her return or not – Kirby could have escaped and gone hiding to avoid being found by new killers.

1996 crime scenes photos also were created by the art department and would be featured in the documentary about “The Real Stab.” Tyler Gillett provided more details about these images while talking about Skeet Ulrich‘s cameo:

They were going to be on the TV behind Mindy when she was doing her big monologue, but it just felt like, too distracting from that specific moment. We posed his body in the hallway where he gets shot in the original with the Ghostface mask next to him and feathers everywhere. It was a wild experience to dress, down to the droplets of blood, recreate the aftermath of the end of the first movie. It was really, really wild.

I believe that there’s a lot more to be discovered and disclosed. So keep those coming!

Thanks to Shane Austin Hall, who worked in the film and provided Kirby’s photo (he said that there’s more coming, so give him a follow), and to Peter Sark for the photo of Stu’s body. Please, if using those images anywhere, do not forget to credit who provided them for us as a sign of appreciation and respect.

Edit: Added a few captures of the featurette “In the shadow of the master”. Thanks to Brett Vickerman for sending me those!

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