SCREAM: New motion poster & promo

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There is a lot on SCREAM fans’ plates this Thanksgiving. The carving started yesterday, when the official account served a characters’ motion poster that replicated the design of that one with Neve Campbell that was released during Halloween.

Some of the images embedded as a reflection on the knife are certainly part of the traditional cast photoshoot, which made some fans claim for the traditional floating-head-v-shaped-poster that every SCREAM instalment had. Rumours say that something like this or the final printing/static version of yesterday’s poster will debut today, but I couldn’t help myself to design one:

Lastly, also yesterday, this website got sent – mysteriously and anonymously on the personal e-mail account – a video capture of a promo video that debuted this morning on Paramount New Zealand social networks feeds. I mean… It’s really always someone you know, right?

As I try to discover the identity of this very generous source, some are already  analysing every frame of the material and bringing up things like Amber Freeman’s artwork on Tara’s chroma key bedroom and Gale’s ring necklace. 

Have you seen more details that you would like to share? Do it now!

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