Whoever was hungry for new SCREAM content a few months back, now is being served a banquet: fantastic merchandise, 4K UHD restoration of the original, a re-release on theaters, conventions and many, many interviews with trivia to die for.

Almost every actor from the original film is onboard to celebrate the legacy they’ve helped so fantastically to build. Check a few highlights from those:

Matt Lillard & Skeet Ulrich

There should be a Matt & Skeet show. If you do watch their convention apparitions, you know what I’m talking about. Their onscreen presence is so powerful that, till this day, some fans even go against “fiction reason” and theorize their return…

Yes! I’m alive! Stu is alive! You need to support me in this, Skeet’s Dead! He’s Dead!”, plays Lillard to which Ulrich shoots back, “No! That was a glancing blow. I turned really quick like that, at the last second.(BD)

The playfulness goes on, and they imagine “what if” Billy and Stu had won:

Billy and Stu fall in love. They adopt many stray dogs from Costa Rica and they rehabilitate small dogs. And then they slaughter people on the weekends”, imagines Matthew. (US)

There was a moment for trivia:

Wes [Craven] would watch Matt walk, and he’d typically bump into shit and fall down randomly. It led him to make Ghost Face a little more clumsy. You could tell which people Stu killed”, Skeet told Bloody Disgusting.

And a moment for emotional remembrances about Wes Craven:

We speak about this movie being so seminal in our youth and being part of our childhood in this industry, so I will never forget being like, ‘Oh, he was older, he passed, I loved him,’ but just weeping uncontrollably for like an hour,Lillard adds. “It was really crazy.” (PM)

Jamie Kennedy

Another beloved character that a lot of people are unable to let go, Randy Meeks, was played by Jamie Kennedy. He recorded this cool video reacting to the SCREAM trailer.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has been an important ambassador of the new SCREAM. There have been several mentions on Twitter, Tik Tok, The Drew Barrymore Show and even a CBS Drew Movie Nite.

Kevin Williamson

Williamson dished on the new title to US Magazine:

Well, it was always SCREAM 5 because it’s the fifth one. So I think we just threw that name out, but I don’t think they ever seriously were going to call it a SCREAM 5. I don’t think anybody wanted to see the number five after something. You’d have to ask them — Paramount or whoever, but I think taking the 5 off and calling it SCREAM [works] because it’s brand new.

Could this one be the beginning of a new saga?

Oh, I don’t know. You’d have to ask Radio Silence.

25th Anniversary Edition

The 4K UHD Blu-Ray restoration was shown during the re-release and now is available to order! The extra features are basically the same of the original DVDs and Blu-Rays, but it has a new cool 25th anniversary featurette that brings interviews with the legacy cast and from the fresh blood cast!

Get yours!

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